Flamenco in Seville

Meet the real flamenco enjoying a private show.

¿WHAT WE DO IN Flamenco in Seville?

Private flamenco shows, just for you and your people.

Enjoying a completely private flamenco show was, until now, something reserved for the pockets of the wealthy and those privileged who had the pleasure of having a family member or a friend professional of this art.
Flamenco in Seville
However, now you can also enjoy the best flamenco in Seville. We propose to be a participant in a private flamenco show, to live an authentic and unforgettable experience together with the singers, guitarists and dancers, in a close and familiar way; Accompanied, in addition, of a good glass of wine and some Sevillian typical appetizers.

A flamenco show completely different from that offered in the tablaos, in which they only try to dazzle tourists by offering them something commercial that does not correspond to the way of living the flamenco in Seville.

Seville and flamenco

Seville is not only the capital of Andalusia. It is a different city in which history and culture mix with the hospitality of its people and the bustle of its neighborhoods.

In addition, Seville is the cradle of flamenco, which is the result of all the cultures that have passed through our land throughout history. The taste for a guitar sound, a middle voice song and a spontaneous heel can be felt in the environment.

If you are one of those people that every time they hear the chords of a bulería, a tango or a soleá they put the hairs of tip and never have been in Seville, probably you must begin to consider to make a visit. And, if you have already planned your trip, or you are in the city, we offer you a unique opportunity to know flamenco the way we do the Sevillians.

We offer you a flamenco show completely different from that offered in the flamenco tablaos, in which they only try to dazzle tourists by offering them something commercial that does not correspond to the way we live flamenco in Seville.
A unique opportunity in which you can enjoy a private flamenco show, in a select environment and accompanied only and exclusively by those people you want.

We offer you something unique

The space will be closed only for you and your people, a singer, a guitarist and a dancer.

You will not sit on a step or at a table away from the show. We love that the public and artists are in contact and can take an unforgettable experience.

That is why you and your people will sit next to the artists and you will be able to contemplate, just one or two meters away, how they are able to put into practice the flamenco art and the feeling that they carry inside.

Do you want a private flamenco show in Seville?

A peña flamenca, the ideal place to enjoy the show

The peñas have occupied for decades a privileged place in the history of flamenco. They are meeting points between professionals, amateurs and flamenco critics. Places where the foundations and roots of flamenco art are found.

In the peñas flamencas they have learned and they have gained great part of their fame the most prestigious flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists. All this, of course, with the peculiarity of being enclaves where the family atmosphere and cozy reigns.

Therefore, we could not imagine a better place in which to schedule these shows than in a peña flamenca.


Flamenco is the main protagonist of this show. But he’s not the only one. And while you enjoy the beauty of sing and guitar, you can taste a glass of manzailla, sweet wine or beer, along with some delicious typical Sevillian cold meats and dried cured meat. You will enjoy the typical Andalusian gastronomy and the best flamenco in the same place. Everything to get you an experience that encompasses each and every one of your senses.

In addition, next to the area where the flamenco show is held you will have at your disposal a bar where you can ask for anything else you fancy.



Only for you and your people

You'll meet the artists

You'll see the real flamenco in Seville

Sevillian tapas

You will not find it anywhere else

A very tight price

Do you want a private flamenco show in Seville?

They have already relied on Flamenco show in Seville

Miguel Ortiz

A quality show in the hands of Miguel Ortiz

The person in charge of the show is Miguel Ortiz, one of the great Sevillian personalities in the study and research of flamenco, whose work focuses on its conservation and history. He is currently the president of one of the most prestigious flamenco entities in Andalusia. A connoisseur of flamenco intricacies, who will be in charge of organizing an event of the highest quality.

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