Flamenco in Seville


Meet the authentic flamenco enjoying a show next to the Cathedral of Seville


A unique flamenco show in Seville, at the foot of the Giralda

Enjoy the best tablao flamenco show in Seville. We propose to be a participant in a flamenco show, to live an authentic and unforgettable experience together with the singers, guitarists and dancers, in a close and familiar way.

Sing. Dance. Guitar. A unique show.

Tablao flamenco in Seville

Seville and flamenco

Seville is not only the capital of Andalusia. It is a different city in which history and culture mix with the hospitality of its people and the bustle of its neighborhoods.

In addition, Seville is the cradle of flamenco, which is the result of all the cultures that have passed through our land throughout history. The taste for a guitar sound, a middle voice song and a spontaneous heel can be felt in the environment.

If you are one of those people that every time they hear the chords of a bulería, a tango or a soleá they put the hairs of tip and never have been in Seville, probably you must begin to consider to make a visit. And, if you have already planned your trip, or you are in the city, we offer you a unique opportunity to know flamenco the way we do the Sevillians.

Flamenco in the center of Seville

The space is a very charming place, located next to the Cathedral of Seville and at the foot of the Giralda. A very intimate theater where you will be very close to the show. We love that the public and the artists are in contact and can have an unforgettable experience.

That is why you and your people will sit so closed to the artists and you will be able to contemplate, just one or two meters away, how they are able to put into practice the flamenco art and the feeling that they carry inside.

A unique opportunity in which you can enjoy a flamenco show in the center of Seville, in a select environment and accompanied by the best dancers, guitarists and singers.

A tablao flamenco in Seville, the ideal place to enjoy the show

The tablaos have occupied for decades a privileged place in the history of flamenco. They are meeting points between professionals, amateurs and flamenco critics. Places where the foundations and roots of flamenco art are found.

In the tablaos flamencos they have learned and they have gained great part of their fame the most prestigious flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists. All this, of course, with the peculiarity of being enclaves where the family atmosphere and cozy reigns.

Therefore, we could not imagine a better place in which to schedule these shows than in a tablao flamenco.

Flamenco in Seville


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You’ll meet the artists

You’ll see the real flamenco in Seville

Flamenco in the center of Seville

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Flamenco in Seville

Do you want to see the best flamenco show in Seville?

Flamenco tablaos in Seville

Few cities are capable of combining art, culture and history as well as the Andalusian capital. Seville offers a unique experience to its visitors, with a wide range of corners, monuments and interesting sites to visit, which will surely meet the expectations of the most demanding people, who are looking for a city like Seville to enjoy an enormous cultural heritage and an artistic expression as exquisite and genuine as flamenco.

Visiting this city necessarily means visiting a flamenco tablao in Seville, a place where tradition and art go hand in hand to offer one of the most recommended shows in the Spanish city, where dancers, flamenco singers and guitarists recreate one of the events. most passionate and pure in the world. A unique show, declared ten years ago as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, which must be experienced in Seville, the birthplace of flamenco.

A quality show

The tablao in Seville is one of the most genuine shows in the country, essential to know by all tourists, both foreign and national, who want to experience one of the most exciting and valued cultural events, where both the attendees, the protagonists and fans of the flamenco, they enjoy music, dance, singing and toque together, as well as the purest essence of the cultural miscegenation of this land, which has given fruit to flamenco in Seville, as one of its highest expressions.

Only in Seville is it possible to enjoy the best flamenco of the moment; live shows with the best artists and specialists in this art, where the most popular flamenco dances and styles are staged, such as the Cantiñas, the famous Bulerías, the lively Fandangos, or the popular flamenco Tangos. A wide selection of flamenco that will undoubtedly excite all those who attend this Sevillian tablao.

Our tablao in Seville

Whether you are a neophyte in the field or a staunch follower of this art, it is possible to enjoy the best flamenco in one of the most recommended Sevillian tablaos. The best flamenco in Seville meets in one of the most emblematic points of the city, next to the Cathedral of Seville and the iconic Giralda. Due to its location, it is perfect for those families and groups of friends who want to visit the most important monuments of the city around the Cathedral first, to enjoy as the final culmination of the day a live show of the most outstanding flamenco.

This Sevillian tablao also offers an unbeatable experience, since it is possible to enjoy each flamenco show and its claw, the notes of the guitar, in an intimate and close way, seated very close to the performance of the dancers and singers, to be able to feel the genuine spirit and feeling that emanates from every performance. One of the best ways to enjoy and feel flamenco as it deserves, with passion and closeness to the artists.

Tablao flamenco in Seville
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